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A new European Music Project has been conceived, dedicated to the search for new Jazz sounds . Shaped by a musical concept that evolves beyond soloism, it's based on empathy between musicians.


A quartet of musicians that uses the launchpad of a strong musical education in widely diverse styles, ranging from funk to symphonic music, to create their unique sound. Their openness to thinking outside the box enables them to explore a new musical language.


Q has released its first album: "Untitled 06" , encompassing ten innovative tracks which will take its listeners on a journey from contemporary jazz to electronic sounds , rock and post-atomic jazz, reflecting the sources of its inspiration: Dave Holland Quintet, Miles Davis electric, Frank Zappa, Lounge Lizard, King Crimson, Weather Report.


"Untitled 06" is the result of a considered balance between instinctive expression and attention to detail, created by its authors Michele Benvenuti and Niccolò Faraci. The album's sound is highly crafted from start to finish: its materials have first been entirely recorded live in studio, before being mixed and sound designed.


The final result is a jazz sound that wanders far from the mainstream concept and has strong connections with state of the art contemporary instrumental music.


The range of colours will satisfy jazz lovers; while the atmosphere will seduce occasional listeners.


Michele Benvenuti (Trombone and shells), Niccolò Faraci (Doublebass), Francesco Pinetti (Vibraphone and marimba) e Ferdinando Faraò (Drums) are ready to bring you into unique live sets, based on the rule of going where music wants to go: thanks to a collective heart , all the compositions become extemporary, but imprinted on a solid harmony.


Michele Benvenuti and Niccolò Faraci , founders of Q, have a clear memory of how this collaboration started:


M.B.: «One year ago, I was commissioned for a concert in a theatre in Milano. The sound I wanted and the musicians with whom I would like to collaborate were immediately clear in my mind.

That night we played a free repertory - for the event, I had written the seeds of the music which you are listening to right now.

After some time had passed, Niccolò called to ask me "shall we record something together?"

Enjoy listening. »


N.F.: «One year ago, I was called up to take part in a concert in Milano. The sound was really great, and I enjoyed playing with a new quartet in a free situation. We played some nice ideas written on a score - those ideas are the basis of what you are now hearing in this recording by "Q".

After a while, Michele called me and said "shall we record something together?"

Enjoy listening. »


One thing is certain: their style runs on the same lines, and finding no language which can give voice to their ideas, the only solution is to invent it : this is the origin of Q.





Michele Benvenuti

Francesco Pinetti

Niccolò Faraci

Ferdinando Faraò

Attila Faravelli